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Earn Up to $600

No Insurance is Necessary.  No Proof of Residency is Required.
erectile dysfunction clinical trial Los Angeles

Men 18 and Older Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

A new form of delivery has been developed for the world’s most popular Erectile Dysfunction medication. American Institute of Research has been awarded erectile dysfunction clinical trials as they are one of the most respected clinical research sites in Los Angeles. Major pharmaceutical companies seek out American Institute of Research for their expertise, compassion, confidentiality, and care for their volunteers. By volunteering and qualifying for this clinical research trial you may receive not only this new rapidly acting form of this investigational medication but also compensation up to $600.

 If Erectile Dysfunction has been a part of your life and you want to have a normal, more spontaneous love life, then you owe it to yourself to call or fill out the form to see if you qualify for clinical trials in Los Angeles.

Earn Up to $600 by Participating in Erectile Dysfunction Clinical Trials

Not only will you earn up to $600.00 for your valuable time and travel but you will also receive free health exams and you will be given any lab reports generated by these clinical trials in Los Angeles.

You Get at No Charge:

How Paid Clinical Trials For Erectile Dysfunction Work

If you or a loved one has one of the conditions that we currently enrolling for, follow these 5 simple steps to get tomorrow’s medicines today:


Fill out the simple form below


You will be contacted by one of our professional study screeners.


The screener will schedule a free medical consultation and exam based on the study.


Your study appointments will be set, and medication will be dispensed.


You get paid

It’s just this simple! and you do not need medical insurance or proof of residency to participate.

Don’t Wait to Call or Fill out the Form Below For ED Clinical Trial In Los Angeles

American Institute of Research’s clinical trials fill quickly as space in each trial is limited.  This and every clinical trial that American Institute of Research conducts are governed by HIPAA ensuring confidentiality and they are also governed by the FDA to ensure your safety and the trial’s efficacy. You can feel confident that your comfort and safety are their only concern.

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ed clinical trial Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the specific trial. However, some general criteria for ED clinical trials might include:

  • Being 18 years or older and male
  • Having a documented history of ED
  • Meeting specific health criteria as determined by the study protocol

The American Institute of Research, a respected clinical research center in Los Angeles, is currently conducting a study on a new delivery method for a popular ED medication. Here’s a general overview of what you might experience if you qualify:

  1. No-Cost Pre-Screening: A brief phone conversation or online form to assess your eligibility for the trial.
  2. No-Cost Medical Consultation: If you pre-qualify, a healthcare professional will conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine if you’re a suitable candidate.
  3. Detailed Information: Receive thorough explanations about the study protocol, potential risks and benefits, and your rights as a participant.
  4. Study Participation: If you choose to proceed, you’ll follow the designated study schedule, which may involve taking the investigational medication, attending doctor visits, and completing questionnaires.

The duration of an ED clinical trial varies depending on the specific study.  Our team will provide you with detailed information about the expected length of the trial.

As with any erectile dysfunction clinical trial in Los Angeles, there are potential risks, which may include side effects from the treatment under investigation. All participants will be thoroughly informed of possible risks during the consent process, and our medical team will monitor participants closely throughout the study.

There are several compelling reasons to consider participating in an Erectile Dysfunction clinical trial in Los Angeles:

  • Access to Leading-Edge Treatments: Be among the first to try a potentially groundbreaking new treatment for ED.
  • Expert Medical Care: Receive comprehensive medical evaluations and care from qualified healthcare professionals throughout the trial.
  • Financial Compensation: Get reimbursed for your time, travel, and expenses associated with study visits.
  • Helping Others: Contribute to scientific advancements that could benefit countless men struggling with ED in the future.

Absolutely. The confidentiality and privacy of our participants are of utmost importance. All personal and medical information will be handled in accordance with HIPAA regulations and will only be used for the purposes of the clinical trial.